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Michigan 7-Day Notice to Quit Form is issued to the tenant if he/she has refused to pay or failed to pay the rent due in the state of Michigan.  This notice is issued under the Michigan Complied Laws Section 600.5714 (1) (a) which gives the tenant 7-Days to handover the property to landlord.  If the tenant doesn’t quit, then the landlord has the right to file a legal case against the tenant.

This notice has two pages to be filled, the first sheet is the Court Copy and the second sheet is Tenant’s copy.  Court copy could be copied if required.

How to Write

To Address

Fill in the complete address of the tenant.  If the tenant is having a commercial setup, then enter his/her office address.

Name of Landlord & Address of property

Enter the name of Landlord/landlady in this space in print format.  Also enter the complete address of the premises under possession of the tenant along with ZIP code.

Select the reason for issue of this notice.  If the reason is other than expiry of tenancy contract, then mention the appropriate reason.

Last date of eviction

Mention the date which is the 7th day from the notice issue date.

Date & Signature

Enter the Date of issue of this notice.  And mention the complete address of the landlord/landlady or the agents’ along with City, State & Zip code.  The landlord/landlady or his/her agent has to sign this notice.

Proof of Service

This section is filled by the person who is delivering the notice on the tenant.  And this is notarized by a Notary public.

Name, Date & other details

Enter the name of the person who is issuing this notice on the tenant.  The date this notice was served.  And the full name of the tenant.

Mode of submission

Select the appropriate option on the method of delivery of this notice on the tenant.  If it was personally handed over or an agent/substitute person has handed over to the tenant or this notice was served on the tenant by first-class mail service.


The landlord or his/her agent has to sign the notice.

Date this declaration was sworn

Enter the date when this proof of service is sworn before the Notary.  Also mention the name of County in Michigan.

Notary’s details

Enter the license expiry date of the Notary and also the Notary or Court clerk should sign this and mention the name of County.

Next Steps

This notice could be issued in different modes either by hand delivery or an agent can stick this outside the tenant’s house or this could be mail delivered by first-class mail delivery system.  If the tenant, even after the 7-day notice period is expired, doesn’t quit the property then the landlord/landlady could take court’s help.  This notice can be issued for the violations under section MCL 600.5714(1)(a), (b) & MCL 600.5716.

Free Michigan 7 Day Notice to Quit Form - PDF Download

Sample Michigan 7 Day Notice to Quit Form