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Maryland 14 Day Notice to Quit – Threat to Others is pursuant to the Maryland Code §8–402.1(B) and issued by the landlord to the tenant or anyone in possession of the premises with consent of the tenant, who is causing any threat and imminent danger to the tenant, themselves or any other person. The landlord has to give a 14 Day Notice to Quit the premises. If the tenant refuses to vacate the premises the Landlord may take the tenant to court and legal actions may be taken against the tenant.

How to Prepare the Notice

  • Name & Address of tenant

Enter the name & complete address of the tenant who is in possession of the property.

  • Last date to handover possession of property

Mention the date which is the 14th day from the day of signing or issuing this notice to the tenant.

  • Date of issue of notice

Enter the date of issuing this notice and write the Date, Month (in words) and Year completely.

  • Method chosen to issue this notice

Select either the notice is being issued personally or has been placed/affixed at a location which is easily visible or observable by the tenant as during the time of delivery, tenant was unavailable at the property under possession.

  • Signature

Enter the signature of the person who delivers this notice.

  • Name of Landlord

Landlord’s name should be entered in printed format.

  • Address & Phone

Enter the complete address of the Landlord with postal code along with the phone number.

Other Facts about using the Notice to Quit in Maryland

  • This notice can be served to the tenant either by a) Certified Mail with a return receipt request. or b) Personal Delivery to the tenant.
  • This notice is issued under the Maryland code 8 – 402.1 (B), Breach of Lease.

Free Maryland 14 Day Notice to Quit – Threat to Others - PDF Download

Sample Maryland 14 Day Notice to Quit – Threat to Others

Free PDF Download