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Use Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale to document the important considerations of a sale of a standard motor vehicle. Further, all parties to the transaction must sign the form before a witness especially in the case of a co-ownership of the motor vehicle. In addition, this bill of sale complies with the state of Wyoming specifications. However, this one-page form requests input from the seller. Therefore, prepare it accurately and in its entirety.

Moreover, the form has provision that a seller can take a down payment and then accept the remaining amount on the specified later date. However, the seller further reserves the rights to retain a small portion of the down payment amount in case the purchaser fails to complete the sale as agreed.

As A Seller

In addition, the seller requires providing documents like title, registration certificate, and safety and emission certificate to the buyer. However, the seller also requires sending a notification of sale to DMV and remove the license plates from the motor vehicle before the delivery.

As A Buyer

Similarly, the buyer needs to ensure that the bill of sale comprises information about transaction, buyer, seller, and the motor vehicle and then, obtain a copy of the same. However, the net sale price mentioned in the bill of sale is the base for calculation of taxes for the buyer. Further, make sure to complete the sale before the agreed time, obtain all documents before making the final payment, and apply for title transfer within 15 days of the date of the sale.

How To Write: Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Download the form to prepare it. Use black or blue ink. Then, complete following steps to proceed.

  • Enter the net sale amount in US dollars.
  • Then write seller’s full name.
  • Continue by writing buyer’s full name.
  • The next portion of the bill of sale requests information about the vehicle. Therefore, write make, model, series, year, color, VIN, body style, odometer reading, and title number on the respective lines.
  • Write the amount of down payment.
  • Then write the number of days permitted to make the remaining payment to the seller.
  • Continue by writing the amount to retain from the down payment in US dollars.
  • Enter the date of signing and preparing the bill of sale.
  • The seller must sign the form.
  • The buyer must sign the form.
  • A witness must sign the form in acknowledgment to signatures on the form.

Free Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal instrument to record important particulars of a sale / purchase transaction. This form meets the state of Wyoming specifications. Prepare this form in its entirety and give one signed copy to the buyer. In addition, the seller must provide remaining documents like signed off title, registration certificate, emission certificate to the buyer to complete the sale.