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Prepare Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale while selling or buying a motor vehicle in the Carbon County in the Wyoming State. You can use this form to serve various purposes. For an example, it helps in establishing the legal proof of ownership for the buyer. Similarly, this bill of sale is also a receipt while recording the essentials of the transaction for cash or trade. However, the buyer must request a title transfer immediately after obtaining the possession of the vehicle. In addition, following types of title transfers are available for you at the office of the county clerk.

  1. Vehicle bought from an individual
  2. Vehicle titled in another state
  3. A vehicle purchased from a dealer
  4. Vehicle procured from manufacturer’s statement of origin
  5. Used vehicle

However, please remember that you need to file an odometer disclosure statement for vehicles older than 10 years. In addition, each seller in case co-sellers exist, needs to sign before a notary public of Wyoming State. Notary acknowledgment of signatures on the bill of sale is mandatory. Therefore, all sellers must remain present before a notary public for signing the form. In addition, they need to carry satisfactory proof of identity.

How To Write: Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale

Prepare this form in duplicate. You need to furnish requested information accurately. The seller must hand over a copy of the duly signed form to the buyer. This form has two copies comprising two sections in each copy. The seller requires completing the first portion of the form and sign before a notary public. The second section is for the notary public. Complete following steps to prepare the form in its entirety.

  • Enter legal name of the seller on the first line; this name should be similar to the name that appears on the title
  • Then enter the date of the sale
  • Continue by providing the vehicle information like year of manufacturing, make, and vehicle identification number on the respective lines
  • Then enter buyer’s legal name
  • Enter sale price in US dollars
  • The seller/s must sign before a notary public in Carbon County of the Wyoming State
  • The last portion is for notary acknowledgment

Free Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale

Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale

Prepare Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale during a sale or purchase of a motor vehicle in Carbon county of Wyoming State. Please remember that notary acknowledgment of seller’s signature on the form is mandatory. Prepare two copies and hand over a copy to the buyer. The bill of sale must contain the buyer and seller’s names, vehicle description, seller’s signature, sale price, date of the sale, and notary acknowledgment.