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Form TD-420-065 or the Washington Vehicle, Vessel Bill of Sale is a legal instrument issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Further, use this form to record various important aspects of a sale of a motor vehicle or boat within the jurisdiction of the Washington State. In addition, you need to remember that this bill of sale in form TD-420-065 is not an alternative to a certificate of ownership or a report of sale.

For A Seller Before Proceeding

  1. Prepare the bill of sale in form TD-420-065 in its entirety and give a signed copy to the buyer.
  2. In addition, you need to provide signed title, safety and emission certificate, and registration certificate to the buyer during or before the delivery. However, make sure to sign off the title properly.
  3. Give odometer statement to the buyer for motor vehicles less than 10 year old.
  4. Send notification of the sale to the DMV in the prescribed format and remove the license plates from the vehicle before delivery.
  5. You do not need to collect taxes from the buyer during the sale as an individual seller.

For A Buyer Before Proceeding

  1. Make sure to complete required documentation before making the final payment to the seller.
  2. The bill of sale must contain net sale price. Otherwise, you will pay taxes calculated on the fair market price of the vehicle.
  3. Apply for the title within 15 days of the date of sale to the nearest licensing office. Further, you need to carry a copy of the signed off title and bill of sale along with you.

How To Write: Washington Vehicle, Vessel Bill of Sale

This bill of sale or TD-420-065 is available in interactive form. It means, you can enter the information online and print the form for signatures. Complete following steps to proceed.

  • Select the type from vehicle or vessel.
  • Then provide description like year, make, model, license plate / registration number, VIN or HIN, date of sale, and net sale price in the respective spaces.
  • Write information about the seller like full name and detailed physical address.
  • Then enter buyer’s full name and physical address.
  • The buyer must sign the form.
  • The seller must sign the form.

Free Washington Vehicle, Vessel Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Washington Vehicle, Vessel Bill of Sale

Use form TD-420-065 or the Washington Vehicle, Vessel Bill of Sale while selling a motor vehicle or a vessel in Washington State. Further, you need to prepare this form carefully and in its entirety. Avoid strikeouts and omissions. All parties to the transaction must sign the form separately especially in the case of co-ownership. Notary acknowledgment of signatures on the form is not necessary.