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The General Bill of Sale Form is a document that indicates the transfer of a property from the seller to the buyer for an agreed sum of money. It is a legal document and can be used as a legal proof of transfer of any valuable item from a seller to a buyer. It is generally accepted across the United States except where a particular state has its own specific form for the same purpose. Unlike other bill of sale forms such as boat bill of sale form and vehicle bill of sale form which are limited in scope, the bill of sale (general form) has no restriction in its usage and, therefore, can be used for any transaction involving buying and selling of tangible article of trade.

Generally, a properly executed bill of sale form contains the full details of the item being exchanged between buyer and seller as well all other details relevant to the transaction. Other details on the form include the price of the item and its serial number, identities of the parties involved, that is, the names of the buyer and seller, contact details of buyer and seller, and the date of transaction.

How to Write : General Bill of Sale Form

  • Enter the amount for which the seller agreed to sell the item to the buyer in the first line on the form.
  • Enter the legal name of the buyer and the correct mailing address of the buyer
  • State the description of the specific item that is being transferred. State the type of item based on the standard classification established by a recognized regulatory agency and used for categorizing the item in question.  Also, enter the name of the company that manufactured the item, its serial number and model where applicable. A model refers to the specific name, number or initial given to each product in a series or line of products manufactured by a company. This distinguishes between one product from another in the same series. In the space provided here, enter model of the item.
  • The seller should sign, enter the legal name and also enter the date of transaction on the form

In order to ensure the document is executed properly, there is the need to fill out the Bill of Sale (general form) in the presence of two (2) witnesses or notary public. The witnesses or notary public should also sign the form to give it a legal effect.

Free General Bill of Sale Form - PDF Download

Sample General Bill of Sale Form

Free PDF Download