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Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale is important to document a transaction between a buyer of a motor vehicle and a seller or a dealer. However, please understand that Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) considers a motor vehicle as a personal property. A bill of sale cannot replace the title of a motor vehicle. However, it proves the occurrence of a mutual sale. In addition, it also serves as a receipt for the buyer. A seller of the vehicle can apply for a tax credit during the registration of a new vehicle within 45 days of the sale of the old vehicle by submitting a copy of this bill of sale.

What You Must Know Before Proceeding?

This is an interactive form. Therefore, you can prepare it online, verify information, and print the form.

  1. Bill of sale is not a replacement to title transfer.
  2. Prepare all eight sections of the form in its entirety.
  3. Both the seller and the buyer must sign the form for its execution and legal standing.
  4. Use this form as a bill of sale and odometer disclosure statement.
  5. Mention the sale price, date, and information about the vehicle, buyer, and seller accurately.

How To Write: Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale

This one-page form has eight sections requiring your input. Prepare the form together. Complete following steps to continue.

  • Enter VIN or vehicle identification number
  • Enter buyer’s name in the desired format and provide address
  • Mark the box in case of multiple owners. Then provide company name and address in the respective boxes.
  • Provide information about the seller or the dealer like name and detailed address.
  • Specify the date of the purchase.
  • Provide information about the vehicle purchased and trade-in vehicle like make, model, primary color, year of manufacturing, and VIN for a trade-in vehicle.
  • Enter seller’s name, odometer reading, and select the most appropriate option from the two if applicable.
  • Specify amounts of vehicle sale price, trade-in price, and net taxable income. Then the seller must enter print name and sign the form. In addition, the buyer must enter print name and sign the form.

Free Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale

Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale

Prepare Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale to document a sale of a motor vehicle between two individuals or organizations. A car dealer is entitled to use this form. In addition, the seller can produce this form as an evidence of a sale of old vehicle while claiming a tax rebate on a new vehicle. Make sure that the buyer and seller sign the form and mention information about vehicle, sale price, and date of sale.