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Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale is a crucial document to record the transaction particulars when a seller sells a watercraft to a buyer. Further, the buyer requires contacting the County Clerk’s office of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to know more about the documents required during the registration. Moreover, following types of registrations are available for a watercraft buyer in Tennessee State.

  1. Transfer of a registered boat between two individuals
  2. Renewal of registration without changing the ownership of the watercraft
  3. Watercraft registration by a manufacturer or a dealer

Further, you can contact the office of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at

440 Hogan Rd.
Nashville, TN 37220

Important Considerations For Parties To The Transaction

  1. The seller accepts the rightful ownership of the watercraft.
  2. Further, the seller declares that the watercraft is free from encumbrance of the lien of any sort.
  3. The seller must prepare this legal instrument and give one duly signed copy to the buyer.
  4. Provide an accurate description of the watercraft like make, year of the manufacturing, model, HIN, and other relevant information to identify the watercraft.
  5. Both the buyer and the seller must sign the form to execute it legally.

In addition, remember to mention the information about the trailer or the on-board motor separately in the bill of sale in case they are a part of the sale. However, you may add a separate sheet for providing the information on the trailer or on-board motor. Further, you need to specify the breakdown of the prices of them separately.

How To Write: Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale

Prepare the bill of sale by providing information in the requested fields. Then, complete following steps to proceed.

  • Write the name of the county of the Tennessee State on the first line.
  • Then, enter the date of the sale.
  • You need to write the sale amount in words and figure. However, specify the amount only in US dollars.
  • Write buyer’s full name on the next line.
  • Then enter seller’s full name.
  • The next section of the bill of sale requires entering the information about the watercraft. Therefore, write make, model, year of the manufacturing, hull identification number, length in feet and inches, and present Tennessee number on the boat.
  • Write seller’s phone number.
  • The buyer must enter print name, address, and sign the form.
  • The seller must enter print name, address, and sign the form.

Free Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale

Tennessee Watercraft Bill of Sale records the important information about a sale of a boat between two individuals or a boat manufacturer or dealer. Prepare this form in its entirety and make sure that all parties to the transaction sign this form. Further, the seller requires giving a duly signed copy of the instrument to the buyer. The seller further agrees that he / she is authorized to sell the watercraft and it is free from lien or encumbrance of any sort.