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Download, print, and use Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale to enter into a sale transaction of a motor vehicle. This generic form is suitable for using in all counties of Alabama State. The document requires input from the buyer and seller. In addition, please specify the information about the motor vehicle accurately.

What you need to consider before proceeding?

  1. You as a buyer have the option to make an advance payment and pay the remaining amount later. However, you and the seller must specify the permissible number of days in this form.
  2. The seller grants time to the buyer to inspect the motor vehicle. Independent mechanic can perform such inspection. The buyer reserves the right to cancel the sale in case the outcomes of the inspection are not satisfactory.
  3. The seller reserves the right to retain a part of the down payment towards expenses for re-advertizing in case the buyer fails to complete the sale. However, both parties must mention this amount in this form.
  4. A witness must acknowledge the signatures of the buyer and seller on this bill of sale form for its execution and legal standing as well.
  5. Specify date and amount of the sale in the form. It serves as a proof for payment made to the seller.

How to write: Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale

You can download this form, print, and prepare it together with all signing parties and a neutral witness. However, do not forget to prepare extra copies and hand over one copy to each signing party for record purpose. Complete these simple steps to proceed.

  • Write total sale amount in US dollar
  • Then specify names of the seller and buyer on the respective lines
  • Enter vehicle information like make, model, color, year of manufacturing, vehicle identification number, style, odometer reading, and title number
  • Write down payment amount and number of days granted for paying the remaining amount
  • Specify the amount the seller can retain in case the sale is not complete
  • Enter date of sale followed by signatures of the seller, buyer, and witness

Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale is a generic document required during the transfer of the title. It also serves as proof of ownership and receipt for the payment made to the seller as well. Download, print, and use this form in all counties of the Alabama State during the sale of a new or used motor vehicle.

Free Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale