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Artwork Bill of Sale Form or a sales invoice is a crucial document to record a sale of an artwork between the artist and a buyer. This document also serves as a contract between both parties. However, it is necessary to mention the important particulars about the artwork in the form. In addition, please specify if the artist reserves the copyright and the right to reproduction.

Please Remember Before Proceeding

This bill of sale requires input in three prominent sections comprising information about the purchaser, description of the artwork, and signatures. However, both parties must sign the form for mutual sale of the artwork.

  1. Notarization of signatures on the form is not necessary for its legal standing.
  2. The artist / seller / dealer must specify the description of the artwork accurately and provide particulars of the financial transactions accurately as well.
  3. You can mention the invoice number if any in this bill of sale and enclose a copy of the same.
  4. Both the artist and the purchaser must acknowledge the transaction and condition of the artwork.
  5. You may choose to attach photographs of the artwork to this bill of sale for documentation purpose.

How To Write: Artwork Bill of Sale Form

Writing the information in this form is easy. Please specify the particulars of the purchaser and the artwork in the requested fields. Then make sure to sign the form. Complete these steps for preparing the document accurately.


  • Enter the name of the purchaser.
  • Then provide the detailed address of the buyer.
  • Mention buyer’s phone number on the next line.

Artwork Description

  • Enter the title of the artwork on the first line in this section.
  • Mention the date of the creation of the artwork.
  • Then enter the size of the artwork if applicable.
  • Continue by specifying the edition and medium of the artwork to complete preparing artwork description section.

Financial Information

This portion of the form requests particulars of the financial transactions. Therefore,

  • Enter the print price of the artwork
  • Then mention the price of the frame
  • Specify the amount of the sales tax on the next line
  • Then enter the amount of delivery charges
  • Conclude providing the financial particulars by mentioning the total on the last line

The artist must date and sign the form after entering print name.

The purchaser must date and sign the form after entering the print name.

Free Artwork Bill of Sale Form - PDF Download

Sample Artwork Bill of Sale Form

Artwork Bill of Sale Form

Use Artwork Bill of Sale Form as a proof of a sale of an artwork between the artist / seller / art dealer and a purchaser. This form records vital information about the artwork and financial transactions as well. However, both parties engaged in the transaction must sign the form. Moreover, notarization of signatures is not necessary.