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Use Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale to document the essential aspects of the sale / purchase transaction between a seller and a buyer. Further, this form is suitable for using in all counties of the Tennessee State.

A Bill Of Sale Must Contain

  1. Information about the vehicle like year, VIN, and make
  2. Particulars of the transaction like amount and date of the sale
  3. Information about the buyer and the seller

In addition, the seller needs providing odometer statement to the purchaser for vehicles not more than 10 years old. Further, give a copy of the bill of sale to the buyer during the delivery. Then, remember that the notary attestation of seller’s signature is mandatory for the legal execution of the instrument. Therefore, the seller requires going to a notary public for signing the form.

For the Buyer

A bill of sale is a crucial document to establish the ownership. In addition, it also holds the record as a receipt for the payment made to the seller. Further, the Tennessee Department of Revenue requires this duly signed and notarized form to document the date of the sale and amount of sale for the calculation of the taxes for the buyer.

For the Seller

A seller requires preparing the bill of sale to declare the sale legally. Further, the seller confirms the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle by signing this form. However, you must send a notice of the sale to the DMV office in your county immediately after the sale and delivery.

How To Write: Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale

This one-page bill of sale form has spaces for entering information. Read the form carefully to understand the nature of the requested information. Ideally, all parties to the transaction can come together to prepare this instrument. Complete following steps to proceed.

  • Write the date of the sale and delivery on the first line of the form.
  • Then enter the seller’s name on the next line.
  • Continue by writing the vehicle description like year of manufacturing, make, and vehicle identification number.
  • Then write buyer’s name and detailed physical address.
  • Enter the total sale price on the next line. However, mention the price in US dollars only.
  • You need to enter seller’s detailed physical address on the next line.
  • Then the seller must sign the form before a notary public.
  • Obtain notary acknowledgment in the required format.

Free Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale

Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale

Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale is a crucial document for a buyer and a seller of a motor vehicle. This form is apt to record the transaction particulars for a seller and a buyer. However, the form must contain information about the transaction, motor vehicle, buyer, and the seller. In addition, you need to sign before a notary public of the Tennessee State and obtain attestation for your signature on the form as a seller.