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Use Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale in form 735 – 501 to record transaction particulars during a sale / purchase of a motor vehicle. This is a fillable form. Therefore, it means that you can prepare it online and print for signatures.

For a Seller

A seller of a motor vehicle requires completing certain steps to finalize the sale. This includes preparation of documents and sending notifications. Further, the seller requires informing the DMV about the sale within 10 days of the date of the sale.

Documents – The seller must complete a bill of sale in form 735 – 501 and give a copy to the purchaser. Further, he or she needs to sign off the certificate of title and hand over to the buyer. In addition, the seller must provide odometer disclosure certificate in form 735 – 403 to the buyer. This document is necessary for vehicles less than 10 years old.

Notice of Sale – The seller must send a notice of sale in form 735 – 6890 immediately to the Oregon DMV at Salem address. The address is

DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314

Similarly, you can send the Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle online using the form available on the DMV website.

License Plate Transfer – Oregon DMV mandates a seller to recycle the license plates or destroy them properly. In addition, you can surrender them to DMV at the above address. Similarly, you can visit the office of the DMV in person and submit them.

How To Write: Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale

Complete following steps to proceed.

  • Begin by providing the description of the vehicle like plate number, year of manufacturing, make, and VIN on the respective spaces.
  • Then enter buyer’s printed name and address.
  • Continue by writing the date of purchase.
  • Enter seller’s printed name and address.
  • Then write the date release.
  • Each seller must sign separately in case of co-ownership of the vehicle.

Free Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale

Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale

Use Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale to document important particulars of the transaction. Use DMV, Oregon approved form 735 – 501 for the same. The buyer requires applying for title within thirty days of the date of sale. Similarly, the seller requires informing DMV for the sale within 10 days of the sale. Prepare the form completely and the seller must sign it to execute and deliver.