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Use Generic Bill of Sale Form for recording transactions related to a sale / purchase of a motor vehicle. Typically, a seller prepares a bill of sale. However, it is necessary to prepare three copies of this instrument. The seller keeps a copy for record. One copy goes to the purchaser. The third copy is necessary during the registration and / or title transfer. In addition, it is necessary that the seller and the purchaser prepare this document together for accuracy of the content. You may choose to proofread the document from a third party once it is ready and waiting for signatures. Moreover, you do not need notary acknowledgment of signatures on the form unless any of the signing parties, DMV for your county, or state law requires it.

For Your Consideration Before Proceeding

  1. Remember to prepare the instrument in its entirety, avoid omissions and strikeouts.
  2. Sign in ink and date the document.
  3. The seller must provide accurate information about the motor vehicle.
  4. Specify if the seller presenting the motor vehicle as a gift and specify the relation to the other party.
  5. The bill of sale must comprise detailed information about the seller and the buyer.
  6. The seller may choose to obtain buyer’s signature on the form to declare a mutually agreed transaction.
  7. The seller needs to send the Notice Of Sale to the DMV immediately after the sale along with a copy of the bill of sale.

How To Write: Generic Bill of Sale Form

Preparing this generic form is simple. However, make sure to print three copies after preparing it and sign in ink on all three copies. Steps to write the bill of sale of the motor vehicle are

  • Enter vehicle information like make, model, year of manufacturing, body style, color, and vehicle identification number or VIN on the respective lines.
  • Enter odometer reading.
  • Continue by specifying seller registration number.
  • Select if you applied for title previously.
  • Then enter seller’s name and address.
  • Continue by providing information about the buyer like name and address.
  • You need to enter the total sale amount in UD dollars
  • Select if you are presenting this motor vehicle as a gift, and then specify the relationship on the next line. Leave blank otherwise.
  • The seller must date and sign the form in ink.

Free Generic Bill of Sale Form - PDF Download

Sample Generic Bill of Sale Form

Generic Bill of Sale Form

Generic Bill of Sale Form is suitable for use in all states. It intends to record particulars of a sale / purchase transaction between two parties. Therefore, make sure to furnish accurate and detailed information about the transaction, buyer, seller, and the motor vehicle. You as a seller require making at least three copies of the duly signed form. In addition, make sure to submit Notice Of Sale along with a copy of the bill of sale to the DMV in your county immediately after the sale.