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Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal instrument required in the County of Natrona of the Wyoming State during the sale of a motor vehicle. Further, a seller of the motor vehicle requires preparing this form. Then, give one duly signed and notarized copy of the form to the buyer during the delivery.

Please Remember Before Proceeding

  1. A bill of sale is permanent in nature once signed and delivered.
  2. You need to obtain notary acknowledgment for signatures on the form.
  3. Sign before the notary public of Wyoming State in Natrona County.
  4. Write 17-digit vehicle identification number and other particulars to describe and identify the vehicle accurately.
  5. The instrument must contain date of sale and amount.
  6. Each seller must sign the form on a separate line before a notary public in the case of co-ownership of the vehicle.

What Else Do You Need

In addition to a bill of sale, you as a buyer of the motor vehicle require following documents during registration and title transfer.

For New Vehicles

  1. Properly assigned MSO or the Manufacturers Statement of Origin
  2. Bill of sale or invoice
  3. Odometer disclosure
  4. Wyoming application for title
  5. Dealer reassignment form

For Used or Old Vehicles

  1. Wyoming title
  2. Odometer disclosure
  3. Purchaser’s application
  4. Wyoming Application for Title
  5. Notarized bill of sale

In addition, you need to produce original out-of-the-state title for a vehicle registered in the other state. However, such vehicles also require VIN inspection by the Wyoming law enforcement officer. Further, do not forget to remit the fee.

How To Write: Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale

This legal instrument is very simple to prepare. You need to complete two steps and sign before a notary public. Further, the form is interactive. Therefore, you can fill the requested information online. Verify the content and print the form for signatures.

  • Enter the final sale amount on the first line of the bill of sale.
  • Then type the name and address of the buyer on the next line.
  • Continue by entering the information about the motor vehicle like year of the manufacturing, make, and 17-digit vehicle identification number.
  • The seller requires signing the form before a notary public.
  • Then, obtain the notary acknowledgment to execute and deliver the bill of sale.

Free Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale

Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale

You need to prepare Natrona Vehicle Bill of Sale as a seller of a motor vehicle in the Natrona County of the Wyoming State. Further, notary attestation of the signatures on the form is mandatory for its execution and legal standing. Write detailed and accurate information about the buyer, seller, vehicle, and transaction like date and amount of sale. Then, give one signed and notarized copy of bill of sale to the buyer.