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A boat owner requires Alaska Boat Registration Application form after buying a new boat or renewal of the registration of an existing boat. Please remember that following boat types require registration.

  1. Powered boats
  2. Sport fishing guide’s boats
  3. Tenders

However, DMV, Alaska may exempt following types of boats from the registration.

  1. Non-boats
  2. Non-powered boats
  3. Boats registered in other state
  4. Government owned boats
  5. Documented boats

Preparing the registration form is easy. Provide requested information and print the form. Then verify information and sign the form. However, remember that each owner must provide information on a separate line in the case of co-owners of the boat. Then submit duly prepared and application form to

Division of Motor Vehicles
ATTN:  Correspondence Unit
1300 W Benson Blvd., STE 200
Anchorage AK  99503-3600

Registration process at the DMV, Alaska is simple. Pay registration fees and submit a proof of ownership of the boat along with this application form # 841. However, a boat owner in Alaska can use this application as provisional registration for 60 days from the date of filing it with DMV, Alaska.

How To Write: Alaska Boat Registration Application

Fill in the information online or download the form and prepare it on your computer, print, sign, and submit to DMV, Alaska. Moreover, complete these simple steps to write the application for the registration of the boat accurately.

  • Enter current boat number issued by DMV, Alaska if any
  • Specify the reason for application from available options
  • Enter boat name if any
  • Specify the class of the boat between powerboat or non-powered boat
  • Enter hull identification number, ADF&G number, length of the boat in feet, year of manufacturing, and the make or build of the boat
  • Then select the correct boat type, propulsion type, use of the boat, fuel type, and hull material
  • Specify color of the hull, trim, and cabin
  • Then enter the contact number
  • Continue by entering the mailing and residence address of the boat owner; however, do not provide postbox address for residence
  • Then enter the name, SSN, date of birth, and driver’s license number of the boat owner; however, use a separate line for each owner
  • Complete preparing this registration application by entering print name, date, and signature of the boat owner or applicant.

Free Alaska Boat Registration Application - PDF Download

Sample Alaska Boat Registration Application

Alaska Boat Registration Application

Prepare Alaska Boat Registration Application and submit to DMV, Alaska for during new registration or renewal of the registration of the boat. Provide accurate information about the boat and boat owner in the requested fields. You can mail this application or visit in person to Anchorage office of DMV, Alaska. Refer [33 CFR Subpart B Sec. 173.11(b)] for the provision about the registration of the public recreational vessels. Refer (AS 16.05.395)(5 AAC 75.077) for provision for the registration of the sport fishing guide boats.