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Use North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale to record the transaction particulars during the sale of a vessel in the North Carolina State. However, use this legal instrument only in case of a sale of a non-titled vessel. Moreover, a dealership or an individual can use this form.

Important Considerations Before Proceeding

  1. You can register a used vessel for the duration of one to three years.
  2. Any personal watercraft or a vessel more than 14 feet long requires the title
  3. You can register a vessel by contacting a wildlife service agent. Similarly, contact the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission office at Raleigh for registration.
  4. Notary attestation for the seller’s signature/s on the form is mandatory for its execution and legal standing.
  5. The buyer requires VL-1 form and bill of sale during the registration. Likewise, VL-1 form is an application for registration and titling.

About The Bill Of Sale

  1. Complete the form in its entirety in blue or black ink.
  2. Write NC title number for vessels 14 feet or more in length.
  3. The seller must date and sign the form. In addition, all sellers must sign on separate lines in the case of co-ownership of the vessel.
  4. Take government approved proof of identification along with you when you go to a notary public for signatures.
  5. Provide an accurate description of the vessel along with detailed information about the transaction particulars like the date of the sale or the amount.

How To Write: North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale

Download the form and print to proceed. Then, provide following information in the requested fields to complete this vessel bill of sale in its entirety.

  • Begin by typing the registration number of the vessel. Further, enter this number in the required format only.
  • Continue by writing the name of the vessel manufacturer.
  • Then write the model and the year of manufacturing of the vessel on the respective lines.
  • Enter North Carolina title number if applicable on the next line.
  • Write the hull identification number or HIN.
  • Enter buyer’s print name.
  • The seller requires signing the bill of sale before a notary public of North Carolina State.
  • Obtain notary acknowledgment for seller’s signature on the form in the requested manner.

Free North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale

North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale records important particulars of a sale / purchase transaction between a seller and a buyer. Further, prepare this document in its entirety and obtain a notary acknowledgment for seller’s signatures on the form. Type or print the form in blue or black ink. The bill of sale must contain transaction particulars, description of the vessel, and information about the buyer and the seller.