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Form 250-14-10 or the Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale is in line with the requirements prescribed by the Oregon State Marine Board. Moreover, this form has provision to document various particulars of a transaction involving a sale of a vessel. Further, refer to Volume 17 of 2015 ORS for provisions about making a bill of sale.

Important Facts Requiring Your Attention

  1. Submitting form 250-14-10 during the registration and title transfer is compulsory.
  2. The buyer must apply for title transfer within 30 days of the date of sale.
  3. Submit the original Certificate of Title duly signed off by the seller during the registration.
  4. Use Lost Boat Title application in case the original title is lost or not available.
  5. Submit original lien release certificate in case of a lien on the vessel.
  6. Submit this bill of sale along with Boat Title and Registration Application in form 250-R07.
  7. Contact registration agent for registration of the vessel.

Bill of Sale Must Contain

  1. Accurate vessel information including certificate number assigned by the state, HIN, manufacture name, and model of the vessel
  2. Information about seller and signature of the seller; additionally, each seller must sign on a separate line in case of the co-ownership of the vessel
  3. Detailed information about the purchaser
  4. Particulars of the lien holder if any
  5. Accurate information about the transaction like amount and date of the sale

How To Write: Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale

Prepare the bill of sale in its entirety by providing following information in the requested fields.

  • Write the state assigned certificate of number to begin.
  • Then enter the model and year of manufacturing the vessel.
  • Further, write the name of the manufacturer.
  • Continue by entering the hull identification number or HIN.
  • Then enter the printed name of the seller. Moreover, the seller must date and sign the bill of sale. Similarly, all co-sellers need to enter printed name, date, and sign the form separately. Further, sellers declare that the vessel is free from lien by signing the form.
  • Write buyer’s name in the required manner.
  • Continue by writing the address of the buyer on the respective lines. Then, write names of the co-buyers on a separate line if any.

Free Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale

Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale

Use Form 250-14-10 or the Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale to document the important aspects of a sale / purchase transaction. This form has spaces for input about the vessel, seller, and buyer. However, all sellers and buyers must enter the information and sign on a separate line in the case of existing or new co-ownership of the vessel. Contact the registration agent’s office for registration of the boat within 30 days of the date of the sale.