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A buyer or seller of watercraft requires preparing Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale to record a sale. Preparing such a legal instrument is necessary to establish the proof of the ownership of the buyer. In addition, it serves as a proof of the payment made to the seller. However, the seller must sign before a notary public of Alaska State for its execution and legal standing.

Things you must remember before proceeding

  1. The seller must specify warranty offered on the watercraft if any in this bill of sale
  2. The seller must sign the document; however, all sellers require signing the document on a separate line before a notary public in case of co-ownership of the watercraft
  3. Describe the watercraft accurately
  4. Specify the cost of the watercraft and date of sale in this form
  5. Use this form in all counties of Alaska State

Preparing a bill of sale form is simple. However, make sure that all signing parties prepare it together in front of a notary public. Moreover, you can download the form, fill in the information, and sign with the ink. However, do not forget to hand over a copy of the signed and notarized form to all signing parties involved in the transaction.

How To Write: Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale

  • Begin by entering the name of the county where the sale of the watercraft occurs
  • Then enter the amount of sale in words and figure; specify the amount in US dollars only
  • Continue by entering the name of the buyer
  • Then enter the name of the seller on the next line
  • Provide detailed information about the watercraft like year of manufacturing, make, model, style of the watercraft, length in feet, other relevant particulars, hull identification number or HIN, and color of the watercraft in the requested fields
  • Select other particulars that apply to the watercraft by marking the box
  • Specify if watercraft attracts warranty; mark the box as is or the next box and enter the number of days covered under the warranty
  • The seller must date and sign the form
  • Obtain notary acknowledgment in the space reserved for the same

Free Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale

Duly signed Alaska Watercraft Bill of Sale is an irrevocable document. It establishes the new ownership of the buyer and relieves the seller from the liability of the watercraft as well. Prepare this form in its entirety. The seller must sign the form before a notary public and acquire the acknowledgment for the legal standing and execution of the document. However, the buyer must ensure that the document contains names of signing parties, detailed description of the watercraft, sale amount, and date of sale.