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Use Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form while buying or selling a motor vehicle in the Connecticut State. However, it is always recommended using this form H-31 although DMV, Connecticut permits the use of a generic bill of sale form. Moreover, this form is interactive. It means you can fill the requested information online. Then, verify the information and print the form, sign with ink, and hand over copies to all signing parties. In addition, please remember that the purchaser of the motor vehicle requires submitting this bill of sale along with other documents to the county office of the DMV during the registration and title transfer. You can use this form while selling or buying a motor vehicle or vessel. However, complete appropriate section in the form to provide detailed information about the vehicle or vessel. Moreover, strike out or leave blank the section not in use.

How To Write: Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

You can prepare form H-31 or the bill of sale instrument online. However, you need to sign the form in ink. Please remember to hand over a copy to the purchaser. Complete following steps to prepare this form in its entirety.

  • Begin with selection if you are preparing the bill of sale for a motor vehicle or a vessel
  • Then enter seller’s name and address in the respective fields; you must specify detailed address including zip code and avoid PO Box addresses
  • Continue by entering the selling price in US dollar; the seller acknowledges the receipt of the amount from the buyer
  • Specify information about the purchaser like name and detailed address. However, avoid writing PO Box address
  • Then enter vehicle description like make, year of manufacturing, color, model number or name, style of the body, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number or VIN in the respective boxes
  • Alternately, provide information about a vessel or boat like year it was built, hull ID number, make of the vessel, primary and secondary color, model, length, name of the state of registration, and previous number if any
  • The seller must date and sign form H-31 to complete preparing it

Free Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form - PDF Download

Sample Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Use form H-31 or Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form, an online instrument required during a sale or purchase of a motor vehicle or a boat. This document is irrevocable and imperative for the buyer as well as for the seller due to various reasons. However, make sure to specify detailed information about the buyer, seller, vehicle or vessel, sale amount and date in the form. Prepare the form in duplicate and give one signed copy to the purchaser.