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Blank Bill of Sale Form is a generic template intended for suitability to record a broad array of transactions. However, the word property used in the form applies to many types of commodities and services as well. In addition, this form is suitable for use in all states of the US. Therefore, you may choose to make amendments in the form to suit your custom requirements or the state law.

What are the reasons to prepare a bill of sale?

Preparing a bill of sale is necessary for various reasons like

  1. It records a financial or trade transaction between two parties.
  2. It helps in establishing the ownership and legal transfer of ownership from the old owner to the new one.
  3. However, both parties signing this form declare a mutually agreed transaction.
  4. This instrument is permanent in nature and it is irrevocable as well.
  5. Moreover, it serves as a receipt of payment made to the seller.
  6. It also records the date of sale, which is necessary during the registration of motor vehicles.

What information is necessary in a bill of sale?

A bill of sale must contain

  1. Date of the sale
  2. Amount of the sale
  3. Particulars of the property sold
  4. Information about the buyer
  5. Information about the seller
  6. Seller and buyer’s signatures

How To Write:  Blank Bill of Sale Form

Download, fill requested particulars, and print the form. Both parties must sign in ink. Then provide following information.

  • Enter the date of the sale
  • Enter the name of the seller
  • Then specify the sale amount in US dollar
  • Enter buyer’s name on the next line
  • Describe in detail the property, commodity, or service sold using this form. Moreover, you may choose to enclose supporting documents like invoice, title of the vehicle, or any other relevant proof.
  • Enter seller’s print name
  • The seller must sign on the next line
  • Then provide seller’s address
  • Continue by specifying seller’s phone number for contact
  • Enter buyer’s print name
  • The buyer must sign on the next line
  • Then provide buyer’s address
  • Continue by specifying buyer’s phone number for contact

Free Blank Bill of Sale Form - PDF Download

Sample Blank Bill of Sale Form

Blank Bill of Sale Form

Use a Blank Bill of Sale Form to record a financial transaction between two parties. This document must contain detailed information about the property, buyer, and seller. In addition, you must mention the date and amount of the sale. Make sure that both parties sign the form to execute it legally. Notarization of signatures on the form is not necessary unless any of the parties want it.