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This Blank Notice to Quit or Vacate Form is served when it is found that the tenant has conducted illegal activity on the premises. Notice could be served to the tenants & subtenants.  Also it could be served to any member of the family (above 18 years) like spouse, children or to an employee.  This notice could be hand delivered or sent by certified mail system. Since this is a Blank Notice and is not specific to any state you may use it if your State does not have a specific Notice to Quit Form, Also you may require to contact an attorney and know about the State Laws with regards to Evicting a tenant.

How to Write

Tenant’s or Subtenant’s name:

Enter all the names of the residents or tenants and subtenants who are in possession of the property.

Location and other details:

Enter the name of City where the property is located.  The County and State along with Zip code.  Provide the street name/number and (if any) apartment number.

Details of Lease agreement:

Enter the date of signing the lease agreement with tenant and mention in which State it was executed.  And mention the number of days within which the tenant has to either quit or deliver the possession of the said property and provide the details of illegal act committed by the tenant on this property.


Landlord or the Agent has to provide their signature.

Certificate of Service:

This section gives the information on how the notice was served to the tenant and who has served the notice.

Date & by whom:

Enter the date when this notice was served and the name of the tenant or subtenant or person residing in the said property who is aged above 18 years.

Mode of delivering this notice:

Select the option on how the notice was served to the tenant.  Was it served personally by the notice issuing person to the tenant.  Or if the notice was issued to any member of the tenant’s family or employee aged 18 years and above (requesting the receiving person to deliver the notice to the tenant).  Or it was served by first-class mail system.


Declaring the above information is true, signature of the person issuing the notice is to be provided.

Final Step

The Blank Notice to Quit Form issued to the tenant by the landlord when it is found that some illegal activity is been conducted in the premises which is under possession of the tenant. Legal proceeding against the tenant can be initiated if the tenant does not vacate the premises even after the notice period is served.

Free Blank Notice to Quit Form – Illegal Activity - PDF Download

Sample Blank Notice to Quit Form – Illegal Activity

Blank Notice to Quit - Illegal Activity Form