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This notice is a combination of a Iowa 3-Day Notice to Quit and a notice of Iowa Termination of tenancy. According to the Iowa Code 562A.27A if a tenant has caused or created threat or clear and present danger to the health or safety of the landlord, the landlords employee or anyone within a thousand feet of the property, the landlord may issue a written 3 Day Notice stating the tenant to quit the premises and the termination of the lease agreement, clearly specifying the reason for the termination.

What activities are considered as clear and present danger?

Any activities which causes danger to the health and safety of the landlord or any other person would be considered as actions causing “clear and present danger” to others, few of the activities are as follows

  • A physical assault or a threat of a physical assault by the tenant or any other person living in the premises with the consent of the tenant.
  • Illegal use or threatening to use a firearm or any other weapon or having possession of an illegal firearm or weapon.
  • Illegal use or possession of any controlled substance.

Download the Iowa Eviction Notice from the links above and then follow the steps given below to evict your tenant.

How to Write

Name of Tenant:

Enter the name of the tenant or any person residing in the property with consent of tenant.

Type & Address of property:

Enter the type of property under possession by the tenant and the complete address where the property is situated along with the ZIP code.

Reason to this notice:

Select the appropriate reason under section 562A.27A which raises the need of this notice to tenant.  Mention the details/description of the reason or activity the tenant was involved into. If the reason is not already mentioned, then write the exact reason in other section along with its description.

Date of notice:

Enter the date this notice is issued.

Name & details of landlord:

Mention name of the Landlord along with his/her complete address.

This notice advises that tenant must vacate the property and no compliance or remedy is possible. This notice is issued under the Iowa Code 562A.27A, 562A.27 & 648.3.

Pursuant to the Iowa Code 562A.29A this written notice may be served to the tenant by

  • Delivering the notice by a professional service, with evidence by an acknowledgement of delivery signed by the tenant or anyone who is a resident of the premises who is at least 18 years old.
  • Posting the notice on the door of the premises and mailing by both a regular mail and a certified mail to the tenant’s last known address.

Free Iowa 3 Day Notice of Termination and Notice to Quit - PDF Download

Sample Iowa 3 Day Notice of Termination and Notice to Quit

Iowa 3 Day Notice of Termination and Notice to Quit
Free PDF Download