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Iowa State law (63-17-1) mandates preparing Iowa Bill of Sale while selling a motor vehicle. This form documents important aspects of the transaction. However, as a seller, you must remember to give one copy of the duly signed and notarized form to the purchaser. This form must comprise

  1. Seller’s name
  2. Vehicle description
  3. Buyer’s name
  4. Date of sale
  5. Final sale amount
  6. Seller’s signature

However, you as a buyer need to attach form 411077 or the odometer disclosure statement along with the bill of sale during the request for registration and title transfer. Therefore, make sure to obtain the same from the seller. In addition, you may choose to prepare a power of attorney using form 411021 in case you want someone else to represent on your behalf during registration or title transfer. Moreover, remember that you need to contact the County Treasurers Office for registration.

The bill of sale has space for obtaining an acknowledgment from a notary public of Iowa State. However, the seller needs to sign before the notary public. Therefore, carry a state approved proof of identification while visiting the notary public.

How To Write: Iowa Bill of Sale

Preparing this bill of sale is simple. You can download the form, print, and furnish requested information in black or blue ink. Alternately, you can furnish information on the form, print, and take to the notary for signatures. However, verify the content of the form before signing and delivering the bill of sale in either case.

  • Write seller’s full name on the first line. However, this seller’s name must match with the name on the vehicle title.
  • You need to provide detailed information on the motor vehicle in the next portion. Therefore, begin by writing the correct make, year of manufacturing, and vehicle identification number on the respective lines.
  • Then write buyer’s full name.
  • Continue by entering the final sale price in US dollars.
  • The last input required is the date of execution and delivery of the bill of sale. Enter the date in the required format.
  • The seller requires signing the form before a notary public of Iowa State.
  • Obtain notary acknowledgment in the space reserved for the same.

Free Iowa Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Iowa Bill of Sale

Iowa Bill of Sale

Iowa Bill of Sale is a legal instrument in accordance to the directives specified in the Iowa State law (63-17-1). A seller requires preparing the document while selling a motor vehicle in Iowa State. In addition, the seller needs to give a duly signed copy to the buyer. Notarization of the signatures on the form is mandatory. Make sure to add information about the vehicle, seller, buyer, sale price, and date of delivery of the bill of sale.