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Florida Vessel Bill of Sale is a crucial document necessary to evidence a sale or purchase of a boat in the Florida State. Refer to Article XXIV of the Florida Statutes for more information on the requirements about how to carry out such transaction for cash or trade. In addition, chapter 327 of the Florida Statutes mandates that a new owner of the boat requires this bill of sale for the vessels in addition to the documents like title certificate or manufacturer’s statement of origin to establish the satisfactory proof of the ownership of the vessel.

Please Remember Before Proceeding

  1. This bill of sale offers provisional permission to use this vessel in Florida waters within 30 days from the date of the sale mentioned on it.
  2. The document must contain information about the vessel, buyer, and the purchaser.
  3. Make sure to mention the date of the sale and selling price as well in this document.
  4. The purchaser and the seller undertake to provide truthful facts under penalties of perjury.
  5. This document is irrevocable once signed and executed.

How To Write: Florida Vessel Bill of Sale

Download this form, enter the requested information, verify the content, and sign in ink. In addition, make copies of the signed document and give a copy to each signing party. You may need to provide trailer information in case bought as a package deal. Continue by writing

  • Enter the seller’s name on the first line of the form.
  • Then write the date of the sale in the required format.
  • You need to enter the vessel number and hull identification number on the respective lines.
  • Then specify vessel information like make, year of manufacturing, and length in feet.
  • Further, provide the mode of propelling.
  • The next portion of the bill of sale for a vessel requires entering the purchaser’s name.
  • Then enter itemized breakup of sale amounts for boat, motor, and trailer in US dollars.
  • Specify the length of ownership and reason for not registering the vessel if applicable.
  • Provide information about the trailer like a year of manufacturing, make, empty weight, tag number of the seller if any, and ID.
  • The seller must sign in ink on the next line.
  • The purchaser must sign on the next line and enter the address to complete preparing this bill of sale.

Free Florida Vessel Bill of Sale - PDF Download

Sample Florida Vessel Bill of Sale

Florida Vessel Bill of Sale

Florida Vessel Bill of Sale is compliant with the requirements specified in Article XXIV of the Florida Statutes. This irrevocable legal instrument is binding on both parties. However, make sure to enter detailed information about the vessel, seller, the purchaser, and the transaction. The new boat owner has provisional permission to use the vessel in Florida waters for up to 30 days from the date of the sale using this bill of sale.