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Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership or form 848 is a legal instrument intended to declare the ownership of a boat. This affidavit form is suitable for use in Alaska State. Moreover, a boat owner in Alaska State can prepare this document during the sale of the vessel. In addition, this instrument serves as a legal tool to declare the source of procurement of the vessel.

For Seller – A seller of a boat can prepare this affidavit to confirm the encumbrance-free ownership of the vessel during its sale.

For Buyer – A buyer of the boat can prepare this affidavit to establish the new ownership of the vessel. The buyer can submit this document along with the bill of sale of the vessel during the registration of the same.

Important Considerations – What You Need To Know Before Proceeding?

The Preparer of the affidavit undertakes the authenticity of facts specified in the form. Therefore, make sure to provide accurate information. Duly prepare the form. Avoid strikeouts or omissions. Review the form carefully before proceeding. In addition, date and sign the affidavit once it is duly prepared.

How To Write: Alaska Affidavit Of Boat Ownership

Download the form and fill in the requested information carefully. You need to furnish following particulars about yourself and the boat.

  • Begin by writing the 12-digit hull identification number. It is also termed as HIN
  • Enter detailed description of the boat like year manufacturer, make, model, color, length in feet, and any other information that can help to identify the boat
  • Write your name on the next line
  • Enter the date of purchasing the boat
  • Then select the correct mode of obtaining the boat from options offered. You must select one option. However, provide more information in case you select option number 7, other
  • Then specify from whom you bought the boat. You can write name of the person or name of the organization on this line
  • Date and sign the affidavit to complete preparing it

Free Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership - PDF Download

Sample Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership

Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership

This Form is an instrument intended to establish the ownership of a boat or vessel. A seller or a buyer of the boat can prepare this affidavit. This document is self-declaration of ownership and does not require notarization of signatures for its legal standing or execution. Please prepare the affidavit carefully and provide accurate particulars in the requested fields. You may fill in the information on a computer, print, and sign the affidavit.